Brand Spotlight: Crayola Beauty

When I think of my childhood, there are many moments that bring up a strong feeling of nostalgia. The fun times spent playing hide and seek, waiting for my turn on the swings to learning how to ride a bike (I still can’t, if you’re wondering how that went) are all precious but there’s one memory that stands out from the rest – drawing with my crayons.

I used to be quite the artsy kid - doodling colourful pieces on paper (sometimes the walls) with my trusty crayons. You would be the coolest kid in class if you had Crayola’s 120 crayon set. With every colour under the sun possible stashed in your backpack, how couldn’t you be?

Crayola has come a long way. An art staple for kids everywhere, this beloved brand now has an alter ego as a cult makeup label that’s adored by makeup lovers for its insane colour offering and major nostalgic vibes thanks to the shades being named after the crayon colours themselves and of course, the instantly recognisable packaging.

From paper to skin, backpack to makeup bag, it’s not just a crayon. It represents boundless creativity fuelled by imagination - a philosophy that’s effortlessly carried onto the beauty line which replaces a good ol’ canvas with your face.

Highly pigmented, super easy to use, versatile and vegan! Here are some of the Glu Team’s must-haves from this absolutely fabulous brand.

Lip & Cheek Crayon in Pink Haze

Swipe on your lips and/or cheeks for pigmented, long-lasting colour.

Face Crayon in Turquoise Blue

Bring back the 90s with a blue-lidded look. If you want to keep things on DL, swap out the black eyeliner with blue instead.

Paint Tube Highlighter in Gold Fusion

Shine no matter where you are.

Crayola Eyeshadow Palette in Nudes

10 highly pigmented and super blendable shades in matte and metallic finishes.

Crayola Brush Set & Case

All the tools you need in one place AND in a super-cute case.

By Neha Prasad

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