Nature Is Better Than Botox Under Eye Cream 15ml

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Subclass: Face Cream
Colour: White
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Why does it work?
The 360° Eye Opening Cream has a unique ingredient with the charming name of Beautifeye™ which acts as a natural alternative to blepharoplasty – the surgical procedure of removing skin excess from eyelids. The presence of one of the most expensive and precious oils in the world – tsubaki, extracted from Japanese camellia, provides a visible improvement of the skin’s look. It reduces the signs of aging and eliminates discolorations. A unique ingredient – Luminescine – captures the UV radiation, reflects and transforms it into visible light. It immediately provides the effect of a radiant, glowing and younger-looking skin. Thanks to the content of the plant silicone, which does not burden the skin and provides it with a velvety smooth finish, the cream constitutes a perfect undermake-up base.
Secret Recipe:
Organic water from cornflower- has soothing, softening and anti-oxidative properties. It brings relief to tired eyes, and leaves the feeling of freshness.
Luminescine- a unique phytocomplex extracted from the flowers of great mullein in a patented process. It protects the skin against the harmful UV radiation, transforming it into the effect of luminescence emanating directly from the skin as visible light.
Beautifeye™ -a natural alternative to blepharoplasty. It effectively lifts upper eyelids, tightens and lifts the skin around eyes. It reduces the so called crow’s feet, dark circles and swellings.
Tsubaki oil- Tsubaki oil pressed from Japanese camellia seeds. It nourishes and strengthens the skin, enhances its elasticity, as well as reduces discolorations and scars.
Plant silicone- a natural emollient – an ecological alternative to silicone. It has a very light, “dry” and silky consistency. It perfectly spreads over the skin, smooths and softens the skin. Sunflower oil has soothing properties. It normalizes and moisturizes the face skin.
Caffeine- stimulates skin micro circulation, reduces swellings and signs of fatigue, smooths and tightens the skin.

A multifunctional anti-wrinkle cream composed for a non-invasive correction of ?exibility of the delicate eye area skin. Specialized active ingredients, whose effectiveness was con?rmed by research, contribute to the signi?cant improvement of the skin quality and density, visible reduction of crow’s feet and falling upper eyelids, reduction of dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

The cream is light, perfectly hydrates and subtly illuminates the skin. Recommended also for the sensitive skin.

Recommended for: day and night use; mature skin

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