(R)Evolution Mask Time Reverse Lift Mask 60ml

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Subclass: Face Mask
Colour: White
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Why does it work?
A loading dose of carefully selected active ingredients at the highest acceptable concentrations will be perfect for the everyday treatment of the dry, sensitive, allergy-prone and flaking skin.
Thanks to the content of the innovative combination of oligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides obtained from the yacon root and the complex of prebiotics and probiotics, it stimulates the development of the beneficial skin microflora and prevents the growth of pathogens. It restores the natural immunity of the skin and its ability to regenerate.It helps to maintain the proper ecosystem on the skin surface.The golden algae extract protects the hydrolipid barrier of the skin and inhibits inflammations. It effectively reduces the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation on the cell DNA .The extract of green carrot stem cells has strong soothing properties and immediately soothes inflammations (also ‘dormant’ ones).The bio active complex of seven herbs has been developed on the basis of the Chinese medicine secrets. It supports the treatment of acute inflammations and lesions, such as itching and erythema. It constitutes a “biological protective shield” that prevents the negative effects of the polluted environment, detergents and other irritants. The ecological Chinese lacquer tree wax provides the serum with a luxurious character. Obtained from Rhus Verniciflua fruit peels, the wax is highly valued in China, Korea and Japan. It’s all thanks to its strong skin smoothing, softening and reoiling properties.
Secret Recipe.
Bio active complex of 7 herbs- a mix of plant extracts(tiger grass, liquorice, matricaria, Japanese knotweed, rosemary, green tea, Baikal skullcap). It reduces redness, itching and erythema
Tasmanian mountain pepper- an extract from Tasmanian mountain pepper berries with instant calming and anti-inflammatory effects, which seals blood vessels. It reduces swellings, redness and the burning sensation.
The complex of prebiotics and probiotics- an innovative combination of the yacon root extract, prebiotics and probiotics, which enables you to maintain a proper ecosystem on your skin. It provides the skin with a well-balanced physiological functioning.
Squalene- prevents water loss from the epidermis, strengthens and seals it. It enhances the penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin. Vitamin E soothes irritation and supports the epidermis regeneration.
Argan oil.
Golden algae- constitutes an immunological sun protection filter, enhances the natural immunity of the skin to the effects of UV radiation. It soothes and repairs the structure of the skin. The extract of green carrot stem cells- soothes inflammations and reduces redness. It protects the cells from DNA oxygenation. It develops the skin tolerance, minimizing the reaction to irritating factors.
Tsubaki oil- Tsubaki oil pressed from Japanese camellia seeds. It nourishes and strengthens the skin, enhances its elasticity, as well as reduces discolorations and scars.
Chinese lacquer tree wax- an ecological equivalent for silicone. It creates a smoothing, breathing protective film on the skin. It has soothing properties.
Biolipids isolated from shea butter- very well absorbed by the skin, rebuild the hydrolipid coat, hydrate and protect against the effects of UV rays. They strongly enhance elasticity.

Regenerating and soothing S.O.S serum for a dry, sensitive, atopy-prone or irritated skin. Filled with high amounts of repairing and soothing ingredients. It contains an innovative prebiotic and probiotic complex.

It restores the bene?cial bacterial ?ora of the skin and strengthens its defense mechanisms from scratch. It relieves the couperose skin and in?ammations, has strong nourishing effects, intensively and long-lastingly hydrates.

Recommended for: day and night use; dry and sensitive skin

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