Exfoliating Liquid Soap with Lemon Verbena 300ml

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Subclass: Body Scrub & Exfoliants
Colour: Yellow
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Elevate your bathing routine with Aqui d'Aïa Exfoliating Liquid Soap with Lemon Verbena. This soap, enriched with natural grains of pumice stone, gently exfoliates your skin, revealing a fresh and revitalized complexion. The formula, based on premium coconut and olive vegetable oils, nourishes and hydrates without drying out your skin. With its mild and non-foaming nature, this soap is perfect for use on the body, face, and hands. Immerse yourself in the delicate and intoxicating scent of lemon verbena, creating a serene and invigorating morning bath experience. Pamper your skin with this refreshing and revitalizing exfoliating liquid soap.

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