Pebble Soap with Orange Blossom and Acacia Honey 200g

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Subclass: Bath Soap
Colour: Gray
Sale priceAED 23.25 Regular priceAED 46.50


Indulge in the luxurious Aqui d'Aïa Pebble Soap on Rope with Orange Blossom and Acacia Honey. Its ergonomic and generous pebble shape, suspended from a linen cord, adds an elegant touch to your bathing ritual. Enriched with orange blossom, acacia honey, and argan oil, this soap provides deep nourishment, hydration, and protection for your skin, resulting in a smooth, soft, and silky texture. Experience the soothing and relaxing properties of orange blossom and the healing benefits of acacia honey. With Aqui d'Aïa's commitment to sustainable practices, enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and a sensory bathing experience.

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