Beauty: Activate! Biomimetic Enzymatic Peeling Cream 60ml

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Subclass: Scrubs & Exfoliators
Colour: Ivory
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Why does it work?
The effectiveness of the peeling results from the combination of two synergistically-acting ingredients – the innovative Peelmoist™ complex with active papain, which increases the penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin, and peeling pulps of exotic fruits (yellow hug plums, mango and banana). When combined, they leave the skin thoroughly cleansed of the dead epidermis.The unique form of a molecular film prevents the uncontrolled epidermis exfoliation. Ectoine, present in the peeling – an amino acid produced by organisms living in extremely adverse environments – creates a bio-shield on the skin and increases its resistance to external factors. The silky wax from the Chinese lacquer tree berries and a set of precious oils – tsubaki, macadamia and kahai oil rich in plant retinol – enhances the elasticity of the skin, restores its hydrolipid coat, and stimulates the egeneration and rejuvenation processes. After the peeling – thanks to its biomimetic properties which guarantee the effectiveness of the active ingredients – your skin remains soft and smooth, and ready for the further care treatments.

A modern, highly active enzymatic peeling with an ef?cient, creamy texture. It effectively combines natural exfoliating ingredients from exotic fruit and the "intelligent” molecular cosmetic formula. Thanks to its biomimetic properties, it thoroughly removes dead epidermis cells and deeply cleanses the skin without causing irritation or dryness.

It activates absorption and cell regeneration. Perfect for every skin type, also mature or sensitive one.

Recommended for: day use

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