Antipersp R Roll On 60 Ml

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Subclass: Deodrant
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Dermedic Antipersp R roll-on antiperspirant regulates excessive sweating and protects against unpleasant body odor for 48 hours.
-Limits the breakdown of underarm bacteria that produce an unpleasant odor
-Does not leave white marks on clothing
-Is extremely effective at psychological and physical load
-Does not cause an allergic reaction and soothes for armpit skin
-Regenerates irritated skin and slightly moisturizes it Does not leave marks on clothing
-Works for 48 h
-Has a neutral scent
Key Ingredients:
-Allantoin - helps regenerate small wounds caused by shaving
-Aluminum - reduces sweating and the unpleasant smell of sweat Reduces the production of sweat
-Recommended for everyday skin hygiene to maintain its required level of freshness.

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