Baby Body & Hair Cleansing Gel 200 Ml

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Subclass: Mother & Baby
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The skin of little babies is usually very sensitive, which is why you need to use extra gentle products. Dermedic Baby creamy cleansing gel is suitable for kids including newborns because it gently removes impurities without causing dehydration. It also offers instant relief from itching, reduces irritation and generally improves the condition of dry skin or atopic eczema. You can use this multi-purpose product on your kid’s body, face and even hair. Does not dry out your skin, moisturizes and nourishes, has soothing effects.
Non-irritating, doesn’t sting the eyes. Suitable for everyday use. Recommended for everyday hygiene of hair and body of children and infants with dry, very dry and atopic skin as well as skin showing symptoms of psoriasis. Can be used from the infant’s first day of life.

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