Drop of Sunshine Rich Regenerating & Bronzing Body Butter 180ml

Subclass: Sunscreen Cream
Colour: Yellow
Sale priceAED 179.00


Why does it work? Regenerating and bronzing body butter Drop of sunshine is a new generation natural cosmetic created for modern, healthy and safe tanning. Ideal for people who consciously care for a nice skin tone and its good condition and youthful appearance. Due to its soothing and repair properties, it is recommended in particular to people who like to sunbathe and are exposed to frequent sun exposure. It is also perfect as a regenerative night therapy or a luxury body care product with elasticizing and bronzing effect all year round. The revolutionary concept of butter is primarily focused on the intelligent, comprehensive fight against photoaging of the skin and gradual damage to its structure, caused by UV radiation. Obtained from witch hazel leaves Lys'Sun ™, it effectively inhibits elastosis - the process of degradation and degeneration of elastin fibers, provoked by UVA rays. It stimulates the production of the enzyme responsible for creating new, functional elastic fibers. It also reconstructs incorrectly formed elastin, restoring the skin's proper structure and elasticity. Studies confirm that Lys'Sun ™ visibly firms the skin, reduces its flabbiness and wrinkles. Importantly, this component not only inhibits photoaging, but also effectively reverses its effects. The addition of natural erythrulose gently, evenly and long-lastingly browns the skin. Extends and maintains the effect of natural tan and improves its color in the autumn and winter. It does not cause irritation, stains or unpleasant smell. This action is supplemented with carrot oil rich in carotenes, which facilitates obtaining a beautiful tan, while showing excellent photoprotective properties. The soothing Dermasooth ™ phytocomplex (Asian basil, milk thistle and green algae) effectively relieves discomfort, redness and burning caused by exposure to the sun or other external factors (e.g. shaving, depilation). It creates a protective shield on the skin, increasing its resistance to irritation. In addition, it protects and strengthens the collagen structure. Rhubarb root extract actively supports skin regeneration after sunbathing and accelerates the healing of various skin lesions and burns. Revitalizing and anti-inflammatory, protects against free radicals and discoloration. The cosmetic base is based on a set of the highest quality natural butter (cocoa, shea and mango) and light oils (coconut, sunflower and sweet almonds). They have been selected to comprehensively care for and firm the skin. They are a rich source of many nutrients and valuable antioxidants. They regenerate, support the skin's natural sun protection. The unusual composition of this velvety, appetizingly fragrant mango butter helps to maintain a balance between a beautiful tan, good condition and proper skin firmness. Thanks to the use of modern, natural emulsifiers, it has a light, quickly absorbing consistency. Comfortably calms and moisturizes the skin, strongly regenerates and nourishes it, and gently, evenly browns.

A nourishing body butter with unique regenerating, elasticity improving and bronzing properties.It provides a multidirectional, active care.

Thanks to the content of Lys’Sun™, it inhibits degradation of elastin and reconstructs its ?bers, restoring the proper ?rmness and elasticity of skin. It soothes sun irritation, inhibits photo-ageing. It perfectly regenerates, hydrates skin and improves its color.

Recommended for those who care for a nice skin color and those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

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