Hair Care Serum 100ml

Subclass: Oils and Serums
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The scalp’s microbiome plays a crucial role in the regulation of sebum and the overall health of your hair. When unbalanced it can lead to itchiness, dandruff and even hair loss. So, it makes sense to take care of your scalp if you're after healthier-looking hair.

Our Scalp & Hair Serum is specially formulated to do exactly that, soothing your scalp, balancing its microbiome and leaving hair glossy and strong.
The haircare serum is lightweight, enriched with fermented rice water and our special pre and postbiotic complex. Sulfate-free, oil-free, silicone-free and dermatologically tested. Suits all hair & scalp types, even the most sensitive ones or dandruff-prone scalps.

At the forefront of skin and haircare innovation, Gallinée's haircare range is the first prebiotic range to gently care for hair and balance your scalp’s microbiome. Traditional shampoos and conditioners may make you wash your hair more often due to the increased sebum production caused by ingredients such as traditional surfactants and sulphates. Our haircare ethos is quality over quantity when it comes to your washing routine. “A concentrate of greatness, and a properly multitasking product. Calm dry and itchy scalps make hair soft and shiny and reduce sebum production. All thanks to the help of fermented rice water, prebiotics and lactic acid!”
RESULTS: Scalp is soothed, Feelings or itchiness and irritation are reduced. Hair is soft and light.

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