Hands Up Baby! Reconstructing Hand Cream 50ml

Subclass: Face Cream
Colour: Yellow
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Why does it work?
The nourishing mango butter and a well-balanced mix of oils are a rich source of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They provide multi-directional soothing and conditioning effects. They complement shortages in the lipid layer of the epidermis, seal it and enhance the protective function.
Hand skin is especially exposed to dryness and irritation. The natural Dermasooth™phytocomplex (manufactured from holy basil, thistle and green algae) provides an immediate soothing effect.
UV radiation is one of the strongest, year-round factors which accelerate hand skin ageing. It causes elastosis, which is a process of degradation of elastin fibers. Lys’Sun™, the revolutionary ingredient of the cream, inhibits elastin degradation and supports synthesis of new, full-value fibers. It results in a quick firming effect, skin density improvement and visible biological age reversion.
The bioactive rhubarb root extract protects skin cells against oxidative stress. It also inhibits development of pro-inflammatory factors, as well as reduces the risk of stains and discolorations caused by sun rays.
Shea butter and carrot oil rich in carotenes strengthen the natural protection of the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. They have photoprotective and regenerating effects.
When used on regular basis, HANDS UP, BABY! will visibly firm and smooth the skin, inhibit the ageing processes and provide hands with wonderful hydration and long-lasting comfort.

HANDS UP, BABY! is an innovative, multi-functional hand cream that reduces the effects of photo-ageing and the process of skin degradation. Based on an intelligent formula, best raw materials and high concentrations of modern active ingredients, it effectively supports the fight of the hand skin against dryness and elasticity loss.

It intensively hydrates, calms redness and inflammatory reactions caused by external irritants. It creates an impalpable and breathing “protective glove”. It also protects collagen fibers from weakening and degradation.

Recommended for: every skin type, sun damage

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