Duty Body Scrub Tube 237ml

Subclass: Body Scrub & Exfoliants
Sale priceAED 252.00


Featured Ingredients

Evening Primrose, Black Currant + Borage Seed Oils - Rich in Linoleic Acid (aka Vitamin F-an essential fatty acid), these Dermatologist time-honored botanicals help restore the skin barrier and soothe skin sensitivity

AHAs (Glycolic + Lactic Acids)- Dermatologist Recommended powerful chemical exfoliants that help reveal smoother, softer, more radiant skin

Gluconolactone- Incomparable PHA chemically exfoliates, offers anti-aging antioxidant benefits and is a megamoisturizing humectant able to hold 4x its weight in water compared to hyaluronic acid

Lactobionic Acid- PHA provides hydrating, gentle chemical exfoliation

Hydrated Silica - Naturally derived from silica, used as a gentle yet thorough physical exfoliant

Willow Bark - Natural BHA with a molecular size smaller than AHAs able to more easily penetrate hair follicles and oil glands and chemically exfoliate debris

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