Bubble Purifying Foam Cleanser

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Subclass: Face Wash
Colour: White
Variance: Tea Tree
Sale priceAED 24.50 Regular priceAED 49.00


Our Non-Greasy hydrating formula that is lightweight with a fluffy feel, great for all skin types, combination, acne, sensitive skin, oily and dry. Does not strip oils away, simply cleanses lightly, leaving skin light and refreshed. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, yet still effective in removing makeup and excess dirt from skin. Ingredients are all plant-based and easy to read and understand. Put away the acne treatment, all you need is a natural facewash that also fights acne. But natural soap bars can also be drying, so you need an all purpose face wash for all. Tea tree oil face wash can also be very drying. So this is a face wash for oily skin and dry skin too. An acne face wash with charcoal soap are great face products now wouldn’t you say. For older people you want an anti aging face wash too that is also a gentle face wash. It’s natural skin care from Korea in an all natural face wash. Who doesn’t love a foaming cleanser now. Or a luscious aloe vera face wash. This hydrating cleanser unblocks pores and makes skin soft and smooth and as far as hydrating facial cleanser goes a foam face wash is about as good as it gets. For a morning face wash and at night this Korean face cleanser really does the foaming face cleanser job.

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