Exclusive Eyeliner

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Subclass: Eye Pencil
Colour: Grey
Variance: Nr.19 Magnet Grey
Sale priceAED 44.50 Regular priceAED 89.00


Easily draw a clean line or create smokey eyes in an instant.

LOOkX Exclusive Eyeliner No. 07 Deep Black Matt has an extremely soft texture that covers in one application, after which you can immediately fade and blend the eyeliner. In addition, the formula is waterproof and stays in place for at least 14 hours without spreading.

Smart beauty:
- Smart formula: built-in skincare.
- Smart packaging: sharpener at the back and “Smarttouch®” grip zone.

Clean beauty: natural ingredients, free from parabens & mineral oils, vegan, not tested on animals and sustainably produced.

LOOkX Skin science: innovative make-up technology.

Key ingredient: Jojoba oil protects and regenerates the skin.

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