Quick Longlasting Liquid Eyeliner

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Subclass: Gel Eye Liner
Colour: Black
Sale priceAED 44.50 Regular priceAED 89.00


Finally an eyeliner that is suitable for everyone. Easy, fast, long-lasting. Also very nice if you have sensitive eyes or wear lenses, for example. Your eyes look fantastic, and your lashes instantly appear fuller and darker!

Smart beauty:
- Smart formula: built-in skincare.
- Smart packaging: refill system, environmentally friendly and good for your wallet.
- Smart design: universal shape suitable for left and right handers.

Clean beauty: natural ingredients, free from parabens & mineral oils, vegan, not tested on animals and sustainably produced.

LOOkX Skin science: innovative make-up technology.

Key ingredient: Coconut oil softens, protects and leaves a healthy shine.

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