Master Of Time Skin (Re)Synchronizer day/night Cream 50ml

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Subclass: Face Cream
Colour: White
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Why does it work?
It has been designed for those whose skin is tired, who lack sleep and whose circadian rhythm is disturbed – for those who are stressed, overworked, lead a nocturnal lifestyle, go through various time zones (suffer from jet lag), parents of young children.
Our body cells (also skin cells) function in a defined rhythm that regulates their inner biochemistry. Disruptions of this rhythm (caused by stress, lack of sleep, excessive work or jet lag) lead to skin “getting lost in time” and general worsening of its condition – tired appearance, faster ageing, susceptibility to pollution and free radicals.
The revolutionary B-CircadinTM, obtained from round-headed bush-clover, balances the physiological circadian rhythm of skin and maintains its proper synchronization thanks to the content of specific flavonoids (carlinoside and isoschaftoside). It harmonizes and re-programs cyclic biochemical changes which regulate various processes, such as: detoxification, neutralization of free radicals, maintaining homeostasis and transportation of water in skin. Its effects are: quick improvement of general skin condition, increasing of skin vitality and visible reduction of dark circles and puffiness in the eye area (effects visible already after 4 days!).
ArEAUmat Perpetua, the certified, ecological Helichrysumitalicum extract, is a unique treasure chest of biologically active ingredients. It counteracts the effects of civilization stress and constant life in a hurry which affects skin. It works on multiple levels. It limits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. It intensively stimulates the production of hormones of happinesswhich gives immediate skin relaxing and calming effects. It effectively strengthens the defense and regeneration system of skin and reduces its hyperreactivity (tests showed that 96% of people observed improvement in skin comfort already after one month of use!).
The vitamin, mineral and antioxidant bomb from the CytoFruit® Water Kiwi (a concentrated organic kiwi juice)revitalizes, hydrates and strengthens defense mechanisms of skin in a natural way. The special, multi-stage and balanced technology of obtaining the juice guarantees 100% preservation of its biological values and its maximum assimilability.
The combination of the Pentavitin® complex, which acts as an internal “moisture magnet”, and the Glycohyal LW low molecular hyaluronic acid of new generation provides an immediate, strong and long-lasting skin hydration (up to 72 hours). The Glycohyal LW hyaluronic acid is characterized by its particles which are over a hundred times smaller than the standard ones and high bio-availability for skin. It gives the effects of deep, multi-dimensional hydration and improvement of transportation of other active ingredients.
Sealift®, a complex manufactured from two red algae, smooths, lifts and protects skin. It creates a hydrating and protective anti-pollution barrier on the skin surface, which protects against dehydration and penetration of environmental pollution.
Top quality Shea butter and oils: chia, Argan and jojoba nourish skin and inhibit ageing processes in a complex way. Enriched with Celus-BI® Light Ester, the innovative, ecological thistle emollient, they strengthen the epidermis barrier, make skin exceptionally soft and smooth.

Skin (re)synchronizer is an innovative cream inspired by a Nobel Prize winning research on circadian rhythm – molecular mechanisms controlling the biological rhythm of living organisms.

An innovative approach to skin functioning and the combination of ingredients which hydrate, relax and balance the circadian rhythm of skin are what makes the cream special.

Recommended for: day and night use; tired and sleepy skin

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