Needles No More Hydrolift Booster Anti Ageing Day & Night Toner 50ml

Subclass: Serum
Colour: White
Sale priceAED 179.00


Why does it work?
Thanks to the presence of Glycohal LW, the new generation of hyaluronic acid whose particles are over a hundred times smaller than the regular ones, Hydro Powershot shows the best bio-availability for the skin. As a strong promoter of interdermal penetration, it accesses the deep skin, filling even the deepest wrinkles layer after layer. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and supports the fibers of the skin, providing an immediate effect of skin tightening and lifting of the face shape. The unique extract of flowers and stems of Acmella Oleracea from Madagascar acts like a plant botox. It strengthens the support structure of the skin, and reduces the cyclic micro tensions of mimic muscles, which may lead to the formation of deep wrinkles over the years. Its preventive actions do not let the skin sag or facial structures droop due to gravity. Hydro powershot shows amazing regenerative properties. It provides a long- lasting and deep hydration of the skin. It works perfectly as a lifting under make-up base and in the everyday care.
Secret Recipe.
Organic Glycerin -long-lastingly moisturizes and retains water in the epidermis.
Glycohyal LW- a new generation of hyaluronic acid. It is characterized by the size of its particle which is over 100 times smaller than the standard one and, as a result, its high bio availability for the skin. A strong promoter of interdermal penetration – it brings effects on multiple levels, penetrates into deeper skin layers and creates micro-layers, filling even deep wrinkles. It enhances the biological activity of cells. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It significantly enhances the level of skin hydration by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid.
Gatuline Expression- an extract from flowers and stems of Acmella Oleracea, a medicinal plant from Madagascar. Provides visible tightening of the skin and reduction of wrinkles already after the first application. It reduces cyclic micro tensions of mimic muscles which, over the years, lead to the formation of deep wrinkles and drooping of facial structures due to gravity.

An immediate loading treatment for a dry skin prone to the formation of wrinkles, losing ?rmness and elasticity. It contains innovative, natural active substances in highest possible concentrations – a bioavailable, low-molecular hyaluronic acid and the extract from Acmella Oleracea which works like plant botox.

It provides quick effects of multidimensional hydration and skin tightening, reduction of the cyclic micro tensions of mimic muscles, visible depth reduction and “?lling” of wrinkles. Perfect to complement your favorite cream, mask or elixir, or as a lifting under makeup base.

Recommended for: day and night use; mature skin

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