Body Rêve de thé Toning-Firming Cream

Subclass: Toners
Sale priceAED 276.00


This delicately scented cream is soft on the skin and gentle on the mind, and contains a firming duo combining green tea and a rye extract.
Its cooling texture is rapidly absorbed on contact with the skin, creating an upliftingtingle and an immediate toning sensation.
Boosted concentration* of green Tea extract: ancient ingredient with moisturizing properties; helps to soften and firm the skin. This natural-origin extract is obtained using an environmentally friendly.
100% Made in France biotechnological process: botanical tea cells enriched with active molecules are multiplied from a tiny fragment of plant.

- Rye extract: firms and tones the skin.
Vegan formula with no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
96% of total ingredients are of natural origin.
Fragrance: a revitalizing and irresistible scent with zesty notes of Rhubarb and fresh Herbs around a refreshing heart of Tea.

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