Perfect Balance 24H Calming day & night Cream 50ml

Subclass: Face Cream
Colour: White
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Why does it work?
24H Calming Cream is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of the sensitive skin, based on the concept of the skin microbiota; its task is to restore the proper balance of the bacterial flora of the skin. The cream contains an innovative complex that combines oligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides obtained from the yacon root, as well the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics. It stimulates the development of the beneficial microflora of the skin, and prevents the development of pathogens. It restores the biological immunity of the skin and its ability of spontaneous regeneration.
Thanks to the extract of Tasmanian mountain pepper berries, it immediately soothes itching and burning of the skin. It contains polygodial, an exceptionally active ingredient, which seals blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling.The extract of green carrot stem cells reduces hyperactivity and increases the level of skin tolerance. It protects the skin DNA from oxygenation. The ingredient has the ability to calm inflammations, even ‘dormant’ ones. Enriched with natural filters from rice and sesame oils, vitamin E and corn syrup, it protects the cells from the UV radiation and the effects of the civilizational stress. It strengthens and seals the epidermis leaving the skin deeply hydrated and nourished.
Secret Recipe.
Tasmanian Mountain Pepper- an extract from Tasmanian mountain pepper berries with instant calming and anti-inflammatory effects, which seals blood vessels. It reduces swellings, redness and the burning sensation.
The extract of green carrot stem cells- soothes inflammations and reduces redness. It protects the cells from DNA oxygenation. It develops the skin tolerance, minimizing the reaction to irritating factors.
Squalene- prevents water loss from the epidermis, strengthens and seals it. It enhances the penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin. Vitamin E soothes irritation and supports the epidermis regeneration.
The complex of prebiotics and probiotics- an innovative combination of the yacon root extract, prebiotics and probiotics, which enables you to maintain a proper ecosystem on your skin. It provides the skin with a well-balanced physiological functioning.
Vitamin E -soothes irritations and helps to regenerate the epidermis
SPF oil- a mix of ecological oils: rice and sesame. It protects the skin against the UV radiation, perfectly hydrates, smooths, and enhances the elasticity of the skin. The high content of antioxidants additionally provides an anti-wrinkle effect.
Corn syrup- obtained in the process of enzymatic starch hydrolysis. It hydrates and strengthens the sensitive face skin. It has softening properties.

An innovative cream with prebiotics and probiotics, created for a comprehensive care of the demanding skin: sensitive, dry, atopy-, allergy- and in?ammtion- prone. It regenerates and balances the natural ecosystem on the skin surface, strengthens its immunity and the hydrolipid barrier, inhibits the ageing processes.

It provides hydration and protection against harmful external factors for many hours.

Recommended for: day and night use; dry and sensitive skin

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