Rise & Shine Refreshing Body & Face Cleansing Gel 250ml

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Subclass: Face Wash
Colour: Ivory
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Why does it work?
RISE AND SHINE is a gentle, natural body and face cleansing gel with soothing, strengthening properties and a pleasant, appetizing mango scent. It is based on mild plant washing substances which perfectly cleanse the skin without causing dryness or irritation. Thanks to the use of soothing and repair ingredients, it is recommended especially for periods of excessive sun ray exposition. It is also perfect for the daily, mild cleansing of the irritation-prone skin. The innovative Dermasooth™ phytocomplex (holy basil, thistle and green algae) shows strong soothing effects. It reduces discomfort and skin redness caused by irritating external factors (e.g. shaving, epilation) and excessive exposition to sun rays. It inhibits development of inflammations and accelerates restoration of the physiological balance of the skin. It improves the barrier function of the skin protecting it against free radicals. It also protects collagen fibers from weakening and degradation. The effects of Dermasooth™ is perfectly complemented by the rhubarb root extract. It has strong anti-oxidative and antiseptic properties. It refreshes, calms and revitalizes the skin. It supports its regeneration after exposure to sun rays, accelerates healing of burns and skin lesions. It also prevents photo-ageing and formation of discolorations. Carrot oil added to the product provides the skin with valuable fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s exceptionally rich in vitamin A and carotenes; thanks to that, it has photoprotective, rejuvenating and anti-oxidative properties. It accelerates regeneration and healing of sun burns. It protects the skin against the negative effects of UV raysand, thus, facilitates getting an even suntan. Lactic acidoptimizes the skin pH. Along with organic glycerin, it provides proper hydration and protection from epidermis dryness. Gel leaves the skin fresh, cleansed and comfortably calmed. A shower with it is a perfect start and end of every day.
Secret Recipe.
DERMASOOTH™-a natural phytocomplex from holy basil, thistle and green algae. It gently soothes skin irritation caused by external irritants and excessive sun ray exposure. It inhibits proinflammatory reactions, soothes redness and the feeling of discomfort. It has strong anti-oxidative and regenerating effects, enhances the skin immunity. It protects and strengthens the collagen structure.

Rhubarb root extract- has anti-oxidative, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It supports skin regeneration after sun ray exposure, accelerates healing of burns and skin lesions. It reduces swelling and irritation. It prevents photo-ageing and discolorations.
Carrot oil- a rich source of vitamins, minerals and carotenes. It perfectly cares for the dry and mature skin, has anti-oxidative and photoprotective effects. It protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays in a natural way and, thus, facilitates getting a nice, even suntan. It also supports regeneration and healing of sun burns.
Organic glycerin- long-lastingly moisturizes and retains water in the epidermis.

A gentle, soothing and refreshing body and face gel. It has a delicate, natural and skin-friendly cleansing base. Due to its soothing and hydrating properties, it is especially recommended for those whose skin is dry and sensitive, as well as for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

It soothes irritation and in?ammatory processes caused by external factors or exposure to UV rays. It has strengthening and anti-oxidative effects. It restores vitality, comfort and skin balance.

Recommended for: every skin type, sun damage

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