Me & The City - Town De-Stress Civilization Stress Neutralising Day & Night Serum 50ml

Subclass: Serum
Colour: White
Size: 30ml
Sale priceAED 105.00


Why does it work?
The cream formula is based on a biomimetic, lamellar structure similar to the structure of epidermis and “intelligent” penetration promoters. It enables maximization of its effects while keeping the physiological balance and comfort of skin.
The multiple award winning MossCellTecTMNo1 is an innovative ingredient obtained from Physcomitrella patens moss, which uses the amazing adaptation abilities of moss to stimulate adaptation functions of skin, prolong its youth and vitality. It prevents epigenetic skin ageing (related to external factors) and effects of the so called city stress. It activates genes responsible for the proper functioning and cell nucleus communication. It enhances cell viability despite the passing of time. It protects collagen against the destructive influence of environmental stress. It hydrates and smooths skin, strengthens the epidermis barrier and enhances resistance of skin to blemishes.
The combination of the Pentavitin® complex, which acts as an internal “moisture magnet”, and the Glycohyal LW low molecular hyaluronic acid of new generation brings an immediate feeling of comfort to dry and delicate skin. It provides an immediate, strong and long-lasting (up to 72 hours) skin hydration. The Glycohyal LW hyaluronic acid is characterized by its particles which are over a hundred times smaller than the standard ones and high bio-availability for skin. Its effects are deep, multi-dimensional hydration and improvement of transportation of other active ingredients.
The active Matcha tea extract is a powerful dose of anti-oxidative polyphenols (137 times more than in ordinary green tea), stimulating caffeine, vitamins and micro elements. It revitalizes skin, supports its immune system and inhibits premature ageing. It has strong detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It improves micro circulation, effectively facilitates the system of skin detoxification and elimination of free radicals.
Overloaded skin detoxifying systems are not able to effectively remove all harmful and oxidized particles, which leads to slow “suffocation”, damage and dying of cells. Phytessence™ Peach Flower (a unique peach flower extract) frees skin from oxygen shortages and gives it a second breath. It facilitates removal of toxins, enhances cellular respiration and leaves skin radiant.
CytoFruit® Water Kiwi (a concentrated organic kiwi juice)andDélice Détox (obtained from lime and green tea with the use of ultrasonic technology) provide skin with a fair dose of easily assimilable vitamins (including vitamin C), minerals and antioxidants. They refresh, revitalize and energize skin in a natural way.
Top quality Shea butter and oils: chia, Argan and jojoba nourish skin and inhibit ageing processes in a complex way.
Enriched with Celus-BI® Light Ester, the innovative, ecological thistle emollient, they strengthen the epidermis barrier, make skin exceptionally soft and smooth.
The algae Sealift® complex smooths and firms skin, as well as creates a hydrating and protective anti-pollution barrier on its surface, which protects it against dehydration and penetration of environmental pollution.

Town de-stress is designed as a detoxifying shock therapy and complex skin support for inhabitants of big cities exposed to harmful effects of environmental pollution, such as: smoke, smog, free radicals, particulate matters and heavy metals.

It contains a unique combination of ingredients with anti-oxidative, detoxifying, relaxing, revitalizing and hydrating effects.

Recommended for: day and night use; every skin type, exposed to city stress, blue light

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