Very High Protection Tinted Cream Spf50+ 50 Ml

Subclass: Sun Screen
Sale priceAED 147.00


The Very High Protection Tinted Cream Spf50+ is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin, skin prone to sunburns and exposed to intense sunlight. The very high protection Tinted cream Spf50+ covers a broad spectrum Uv protection using a combination of exclusive ingredients from Pierre Fabre research. It offers the best protection against Uvb and also short and long UVA Rays; pre-tocopherol, A Vitamin E Precursor (Powerful Anti-Oxidant) protects the skin cells from free radicals; rich In Avene thermal spring water, skin benefits from Its soothing and anti-Irritating properties. Very water-resistant and tinted, Its rich and creamy texture protects and moisturizes dry sensitive skin.

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