Youth On Demand 24H Age Reversing Day & Night Cream 50ml

Subclass: Face Cream
Colour: White
Sale priceAED 195.00


Why does it work?
The highest concentration of biomimetic ingredients, the modern promoters of penetration, combined with the luminescence phenomenon, ensures an incredible effectiveness and a natural botox-like effect. Aquaxyl™, created in the 3D technology and present in the cream, increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, binds water in all skin layers and ensures the inner balance of fluids. A unique ingredient – Luminescine – captures the UV radiation, reflects and transforms it into visible light. It immediately provides the effect of a radiant, glowing and younger-looking skin.
The most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients, such as: Liposomal adenosine and Spanish lavender oil, relax muscles and show strong lifting properties. They visibly reduce wrinkles and inhibit the formation of new ones. Flimexel® - a worldwide award winning raw material, contours the face shape like an invisible net of molecular biopolymers. It provides an immediate effect, the skin looks perfectly smooth and free of imperfections. High concentration of ectoine, produced by microorganisms living in highly adverse environments, protects the skin against the negative effects of the UV radiation. The protective properties of the cream have been enriched by the SPF oil which is a mix of rice and sesame oils – the natural antioxidants.
Secret Recipe:
Ectoine- an amino acid that guarantees deep and long-lasting hydration of the skin. It enhances skin’s resilience to environmental factors and UV rays.
Filmexel®- a patented molecular network of biomimetic polymers. It creates a thin, elastic and non-occlusive film on the skin. It acts as the “second skin” – protects, and deeply smooths, restores skin glow.
Stoechiol- the luxurious Spanish lavender oil. It naturally produces, reduces mimic tension, lifts and smooths the skin. It has quick and long-lasting effects.
Liposomal adenosine- micro liposomes with an extended life time, filled with a solution of adenosine – a nucleoside which is naturally present in human organism as a piece of DNA. In this form, adenosine can easily penetrate into deeper skin layers, having a myotonic effect. It immediately releases mimic contractions, providing the effect of a relaxed, rested skin. When used systematically, it significantly reduces wrinkles and supports the production of new collagen.
Luminescine- a unique phytocomplex extracted from the flowers of great mullein in a patented process. It protects the skin against the harmful UV radiation, transforming it into the effect of luminescence emanating directly from the skin as visible light.
SPF oil- a mix of ecological oils: rice and sesame. It protects the skin against the UV radiation, perfectly hydrates, smooths, and enhances the elasticity of the skin. The high content of antioxidants additionally provides an anti-wrinkle effect.
Aquaxyl™- a natural hydration booster developed in the 3D technology. A molecular combination of derivatives of glucose and xylitol; it increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and improves the inner fluid balance in the skin. It provides immediate and long-lasting hydrating effects, and effectively binds and keeps water in all layers of the skin.

An effectively rejuvenating cream with a broad range of effects – the combination of biologically active ingredients, modern promoters of penetration, biomimetic properties and the phenomenon of luminescence. It long-lastingly hydrates, strongly ?rms and tightens the skin, as well as creates an ultra-light ?lm that supports the skin structure.

It reduces mimic tensions providing a 24-hour “botox-like” effect. It visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles, inhibits the ageing processes and gives the skin glow.

Recommended for: day and night use; mature skin

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